Impressions of Tirana, Albania

Tirana is probably not the first destination that springs to mind when you think of holidays. Maybe it doesn’t even make the travel list…But let me take you for a walk in the capital city of Albania and see for yourself if you want to explore it one day.

I personally enjoyed it very much!view-from-tirana-international-hotel

We start our walk from the international hotel of the city, right on Skanderbeg Square.



The square is circled by the Opera and the National History museum.


In the middle of the square stands the statue of the national hero Skanderbeg, who freed Albania from the Ottoman empire back in the fifteenth century.

We continue our walk to the second most known place of the city, Tanner’s bridge.

Named after the nearby Tanner’s mosque, it is an 18th-century Ottoman period stone footbridge. It is still possible to walk on it.


Near the bridge you can find the walls of the city…


…and a very special gift from the UAE.


The city is crossed by the Lana river.pyramid-tirana-1

Walking down Barjam Curry boulevard, you come across the Pyramid of Tirana, formerly known as Enver Hoxha Museum. In the nineties, the vestige of the stalinism was converted into a conference center but is now almost disused.

It’s not unusal for young people to climb to the top and slide down.

We’re now moving down Dëshmorët Kombit Boulevard.



Sculptures of different sorts can be found along the way which leads to the university.

There is a park behind the university where people go for a walk and to socialize.


We’re going back on our footsteps to reach Rinia park which hosts one of the monuments erected for the 100th anniversary of the independence of Albania in 2012.



Walk five minutes east from the park and you’ll find the Catholic Cathedral Shën Pali.

catholic-cathedral-shen-palicloud-installation-are-tirana    view-from-skybar-tirana    img_4696

From the left to the right: 1/ Cloud installation are exhibited in the National Arts Gallery garden 2/ View from the Skybar 3/ Pepper Lounge on Brigada VIII, a street filled with restaurants and bars.


And back to square one!

So are you convinced by a trip to Tirana? 

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