10 instagram accounts to get inspired

Instagram provides an endless source of inspiration for travelling. Every day I check in and I instinctively go back to these 10 accounts (listed randomly).

Lily Rose Instagram Account

Lily Rose

Lily Rose is a professional photographer and simply put, there is not a single picture I dislike from her works. Morocco, Costa Rica, Nicaragua…she’s often on the road and publishing stunning views. Recently she also launched a second instagram account called ‘Colors and textures’. An absolute favorite!


Salty wings instagram account

Salty wings

I couldn’t not mention this one! Because the drone views of the beaches of Australia are incredibly colorful and soothing to look at. Does it get boring? Not to me!


Miss Tourist Instagram account

Miss tourist

I discovered Miss Tourist via a common friend who invited me to like Yulia’s facebook page. The fact that she quit her job to constantly travel and build up her travel-blogging business is something to be inspired by. She even gave a TedX talk in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Check out the video here.


Tout sainplement instagram account


This instagram already had me convinced with its name. Toutsainplement is a great word play. It sounds like “tout simplement” which means “quite simply” in French but it is spelled “sain” (instead of “sim”) which means “sane/healthy”. And this is what this feeds reflects: simplicity and sanity. Loads of pictures take place outdoors in the countryside, living with pets and farm animals. It reminds me a lot of my childhood’s vacations in Normandy.


Dan Tom instagram account

Dan Tom

One of Dan Tom’s photos showed up randomly in my feed and I was a fan right from that moment on. Every post is well thought out and some of the pictures can also be acquired as HQ prints.


Vagabrothers instagram account


Two brothers fond of travelling who produce high-quality videos of their trips and make a living out of it, what’s not to be liked?! Not only are they creative, they have a good sense of humor too.


My Little Road instagram account

My Little Road

We share the same first name (Solène) and this passion for squeezing any possible trip during weekends! A year ago or so, she went on an amazing sponsored 3-week world trip. Before reading her blog, I never really imagined blogging myself. But seeing her travelling during her spare time but yet producing content like a pro, encouraged me to start A Working Traveler.


Currystrumpet instagram account


Deepa Paul defines herself as a copywriter but really she could as well add photographer because she’s got such a good eye! Never a dull picture on her feed! She conveys a particular vibe with graphic, architectural shots. What’s more is that she’s based in my city Amsterdam. So her wanderings, which often include street art, are filling my “places to go” list.


Trek South Africa instagram account

Trek South Africa

I’ve only been to Cape Town for a business event but I have the firm intention of travelling in SA again one day for an extended trip across the country. Created by a car rental company, this IG account shows a 6-month journey involving the visit of 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Stunning!


Biche around the world instagram account

Biche around the world

Talk about a productive travel blogger: it seems like ‘Biche’ never stops. One night here, the next day there…In addition to her densely populated blog, I believe she posts 1 to several cool pictures each day. Impressive!