Playful afternoon playing a secret city trail

Even though we grow up, we remain kids at heart. So spending a sunny Sunday afternoon hunting for a treasure is something fun to do but perhaps costly and requiring some organisation.

What if you could explore a city as if you were in a game, without spending a fortune nor booking a long time in advance?

My friend Kristina and her co-founder Windy created exciting and very affordable city trails in Amsterdam, Bratislava and Lisbon (more cities to come!) that are available at and this Sunday I got to test a shorter version of their Jordaan’s trail!

The game was made of 9 questions, to be answered online via the mobile.

Jordaan is a famous neighboorhood in Amsterdam that we’ve know since we moved in the city.

But the trail made us discover streets we’ve never been through before. We started playing in a cute square filled with several sculptures. Not to spoil the game, I won’t share any crucial pictures of the trail. If you need help discovering the clues, you can always request hints during the game but each will add 10 minutes to your final time!

Bear in mind that you can play alone, in one group or in different groups competing with each other. Secret City Trails recommends teams of 2-5 people. We were only two and we managed to finish up in an hour and 15 minutes.

After the trail, we rewarded ourselves with some pinxtos and a glass of wine!

It was fun playing tourist in our home city. We’re likely to play again either in Amsterdam or elsewhere.