The Kelpies | Falkirk, Scotland

The Kelpies are two majestic horse head sculptures. Erected in October 2014 in the Helix park, they bring a new life to Falkirk in Scotland.

The heads rise up to 30 meters above the water. But their foundations go deeper, to 35 meters. Each weights as much as 100 elephants put together.

Made of nearly 1,000 stainless steel skin-plates, they barely require any maintenance.


Strong spirits from the water

In the scottish mythology, the kelpies are spirits coming from the water. Which possess intriguing powers. One consists of changing forms. So every night, the sculptures transform by being litten up in various colors.

Their second power lies in their strength, known to be equal of 100 horses. No wonder why the artist Andy Scott chose to name its sculptures after these spirits.


Tribute to the industrial age’s working horses

While Falkirk was a major centre of the iron-casting industry, the area where the sculptures stand was left abandoned until 2006. That is when a 5 millions £ project was formed to make it an attractive parkland filled with families on weekends.

The equine sculptures pay a tribute to the horse power heritage that was so vital to the early industries of central Scotland. In fact, the horses helped tremendously by pulling barges on the canals.

The construction of the Kelpies only took 90 days in total.

=> Watch the construction time lapse video Head-down-Kelpies


Useful information

You can walk around the sculptures for free.

But you can get inside one of them for 7,5£ per person. The visitor center offers a 30-min guided tour with it. Open between 9.30am to 5:00pm 7 days a week.

You cannot use drones.