Filira suites in Santorini, Greece

It’s been a while since I recommended a hotel on the blog.

When I tell you ‘Santorini’, you probably think of Oia and its bleach white cascade of hotels over the sea, right? This is not where I stayed. Actually I went for the opposite, the very chill southeastern seaside called Perissa. All I wanted for this long weekend following a 3-day conference in Athens was rest and recuperation.

Since it’s less crowded with tourists, Perissa is also less attractive for taxi drivers. As I didn’t know, I made the mistake of not booking transportation prior to my stay. And this ended with me getting refused by 3 drivers who barely spoke any English before I decided to call the hotel manager and let her speak directly in Greek with the fourth driver. Thanks Anastasia! It costed 30 euros for a 25-min ride which seems pretty costly but since there is no Uber or Uber-like app available on the island, you just have to accept it. On my way back to the airport, the hotel booked the transportation in advance and for the same price, it was a spacious van with air conditioning and a friendly driver. Now you’ve been warned!

The hotel

Filira Suites (not to be confused with Fileria Suites, north of the island) is a hotel launched this season by Anastasia and her husband. Anastasia used to work at a bank in Athens. When the crisis hit Greece, she decided  to switch career paths and to open up her own business. So she went on to move her family to Santorini, to take over a former hotel and she re-designed it completely, with a lot of taste I must add.

The rooms

There are 4 suites available and mine was the one furthest away from the road, offering a direct view over the mountains.

I really liked the style of my room. I found the white atmosphere very soothing, with a minimalist vibe.


The huge plus of the suite and the main reason why I chose this hotel in the first place is the private pool which is also a jacuzzi. Every morning I waited a couple of hours after sunrise for the wind to calm down and the water to warm up. It was really nice to dip in and swim a bit and then getting out for a sunbath on the chair, catching up on some reading. Yes, the size of the pool is relatively small but the fact that there is nothing in front – no hotel, no house, nobody 🙂 – is priceless. This is exactly the intimate cocoon I was looking for.


On my last day I also spent some time in a different suite whose style was overall identical. Just a few pieces of decoration like the nightstands and elements of decoration were different. Still, my initial suite remains my favorite !

The service

Anastasia provides a friendly customer service including a copious breakfast served every morning inside the suite. You call her and 10 mins later a huge plate of eggs, cakes, toasties, fruits and fruit juices comes to you (the mix varies every day). There is a filter coffee machine inside the room so you can make yourself coffee anytime you want. As I was pregnant, Anastasia was caring enough to buy me decaf coffee on the day I arrived.

Although there are a fridge and plates inside the suite, there is no equipment to cook and when she asked me what could be improved, this is the only thing that came to my mind. Since the supermarket is a 2-min walk from the hotel, having the option of cooking your own meal instead of dining out would be great.

That being said, you can find plenty of restaurants nearby and here are some I’ve tried.

Places nearby


Moussaka, fresh fish, tzatziki…oh take me back please! After sitting, you’re right away greeted with a complimentary shot of ouzo, which given my 5-month pregnancy situation was unfortunately a miss. They also serve you a complimentary dessert which I failed to eat several times too because I was already quite fed! Food is lovely, service is amicable and efficient and the place is overall nice to hang out so what else do you need 🙂

God’s garden

Great atmosphere, with an outside terrace, and good typical Greek food. The place is always crowded for dinner. I saw more families there than at Mezedaki.


I’m all for veggie places. This restaurant has a colorful laid-back decoration and sits facing the sea. Fruit juices are amazing and the food fresh and tasty. But to be honest I did not click with this one really. It was too pricey and the service was so-so. I think it’s still good to go there for a drink and snacks before dinner but not for an entire meal.



This is a beach bar where you can spend hours getting a tan and drinking cocktails while listening to music. They also have a space on solid ground where you can have drinks and party the night away.

Disclaimer: this is not an ad but my true opinion. All expenses were covered by me! The pictures were taking with a mobile phone so not the finest quality unfortunately.