6 reasons to visit Micropia in Amsterdam

Micropia is the museum/zoo specialising in microbes opened in 2014 in Amsterdam.

Here are 6 reasons why you should visit it!


It’s one-of-a-kind museum, supposedly the only one in the world to specialise in microbes and micro-organismes.

REAson #2

It’s next to the Artis zoo and it’s possible to buy only one ticket for both entrances. Which means a fun half-day for kids AND for adults.


The content has been well thought out and is as interactive as it can be. The visitor can use a lot of microscopes by himself/herself, test how many microbes he/she gives when french-kissing his/her partner and also assist to a 15-min conference with a professional microbiologist.


You get to learn a lot in just one to one hour an a half, and without walking for ages. The whole museum is confined to a ground floor and a first foor.


You will look soooo smart during dinner parties! Or else, when you let things rot in your fridge: ‘Honey, I’m about to discover the next penicillin!’


This is just another art! I mean, look at these beauties below…makes me want to go buy another roquefort cheese.