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Hello there!

My name is Solène and I’m a French girl living in the Netherlands for over than 3 years now. NL is the third country I’ve been living in. Oh, and I just turned 30 !

Since I was 18, I’ve been working and travelling the world to 50+ countries, for work as well as for vacations.

Looking through my friends’ eyes, I am this exotic creature who travels ‘all the time’. That’s not exactly true but so it seems to them. Even though it’s not my defined profession, it does feel like that sometimes. Here’s how I decided to brand the blog ‘A working traveler’.

img_9935Why do I blog ?

One day it hit me that I went to many places and that I had content to share.

Whenever I came back from a trip, I was giving a short description of the travel to my partner, friends and family. Something like « yeah it was good, I did this and that. Oh you should go one day !». I was not really conveying how great the experience was and why.

I also realized that I was myself spending time browsing travel blogs and so I thought, it would be great to help others the same way.

Adding to this, creating a blog upskills you in copywriting, video production, translation, community management etc…which is always valuable.

Last but not least : blogging gives the perfect excuse to keep on travelling !

What will you find on this blog ?

You’ll find travel stories, experiences, hotels that I liked, various videos but also opinions on specific topics.

I hope you find it interesting and encourage you to suggest topic(s) you’d like me to write about.

If you’re a travel business (agency, hotel, etc…), feel free to contact me too – I’m open to collaborate.

Happy browsing,